To all of you,

Thank you for taking care of all Charlie’s needs. He loved being in Roonm 229 where he saw everyone coming and going and saying “good morning” or “good night”, and being near the window with the sun coming in. You picked the perfect residents to share the room with him; he liked all of them. I would joke with “are you the President of this place”, and he would laugh. You’re all the best!

We can’t begin to Thank You enough for the care and support given our Mom “Betty” and our families, by all of you. I know she could be a handful sometimes, be it taking her medicine, getting changed, or showered, but in the end she gave you a smile. It was such an adjustment for her but through it all she did adjust, with all your help. I hope when you see or hear Rod Stewart you will think of her with a big smile and tapping foot/hand. You are all very special.

Dear Absecon Manor Staff,

On behalf of the families of the late MBC, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all you have done to make our mother’s last few months on earth comfortable. We are aware that this is your job, but we have felt, since day one, that the staff has done so much more than just their job. Of the many things that are in a job description love and care are not written. Anyone who has walked through the halls can feel the love and caring that the employees have for the residents. It was very comforting to us to know that she was loved and well taken care of.

Your caring was evident when mom would come down to the nurses’ station and the staff would try to comfort her when all she would do is cry. You would call us so that we could try to calm her down and put her mind at ease. When she would go to the hospital we were constantly asked how she was doing, and when would she be back. The staff has gone above and beyond the call of duty.

She often would tell us that the staff would come into her room, and speak with her, attend to her needs, help comfort her, and spend a little time with her. The staff in the cafeteria were equally as helpful and caring addressing our mom’s needs.

We are hard pressed to find words that convey just how important you all have been to us. It was very reassuring to us to know that she was safe, comfortable, and loved. Form the bottom of our hearts, our families want to thank you for all that you did for our mother during her last few months on earth. We are sure that she is watching over all of you with quiet respect.